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Before I found my condo, there was the joy of looking at photos of properties online. And one of the things I realized was that most of the condos I was looking at had the same floor plans. They could differ by wall color, a bath or two, fireplaces, bedroom count, the existence of a garage, and whether or not the basement was finished. But the floor plan, and the use of the standard builder-inspired floor plan, was almost always the same.

Here’s the unfurnished version. And, ps? I have no idea what the little bump out near the kitchen is?


There’s a few reasons this floor plan doesn’t work when putting furniture where it should go…..but first, here’s the way I placed the furniture when I first moved in:


Basic, typical placement of furniture.

One reason this didn’t work for me is that, folded, my dining table is 4′ x 32″. Unfolded, it extends out to 8 feet in length. Yeah, I like that feature too. And, as you can see from the floor plan, the seating for the table would extend into the hallway if I put the table where it should be. And if I extended the table, the hall is blocked… no access to food!

Another reason is that I felt scrunched into my couch area, while the tv had center stage and plenty of room. It also competed a bit with the fireplace. And everything in the room felt like a tornado had whizzed through my space and glued everything to the walls. It left a good amount of space in the middle of the room, but the space really just felt like a gigantic hallway in the middle of a doctor’s waiting room.

And the main reason I didn’t like the furniture arrangement? I just didn’t like it. Period.

So here’s a visual of how I changed it:


I admit to this looking a bit chaotic on paper. Graphically the builder’s original looks better.
But as to comfort? Mine wins!

Because I angled the couch, my focal point is the fireplace or the tv.
The chair is also angled, which is great for conversations.
My table, when fully extended, is still comfortable. And you can walk around it when people are sitting there.
And most important? You can get to the kitchen…..where the food is.

Here’s 2 pics that show the room with the table fully extended. What do you think?