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Last Year, I decided to tread into the unknown.
After watching Youtubes, googling articles to double check the info…..and yes, even reading the package insert……..making sure I have all the tools &supplies….
I dipped my toe into the plumbing world.
By replacing the bathroom faucet.

I don’t plan on telling you how to do this, but I’ll give links at the end.

But here’s my first-timer experience…and advice:

1. I was told that step one was to turn off the water. Nope. Step one is to take a before pic for facebook or your blog.

Here’s mine:



At one time, I liked that my faucet let me know which handle was hot and which cold. But I think I know which is which now. Also, the nickel plating started coming off with each scrubbing. It was time this thing just left.

2.  Assemble your tools. And do begin early. Because no matter how many of the tools the *experts* tell you are needed? You won’t believe them. And you won’t have what you need. Me? I didn’t think I needed a special doohickey to take off the rather special connector that actually holds the faucet to the sink. But apparently I was wrong. So do add 1/2 hour or so to go to the hardware store & buy more stuff.

The tool assembly:



And….don’t forget the instructions. But do memorize the youtubes…..not easy to bring a laptop, phone, ipad, etc under the sink with you. Besides? They will get wet…see #3.


3.  Empty your cabinet……of everything. Or, accept that it will get wet. Yes. It will.

4.  Do stretching exercises. Why? Your body, upon entering the cabinet will be forced into various gymnastic configurations that you didn’t know were possible. At one point I found out that my rib bones will touch my hip bones. While laying sideways. In a cabinet. Trying to muster up some leverage to take those special connectors out. Surprisingly, I was able to unfold. After breathing a bit & umm…saying ouch a few times.

5.  Official instructions will tell you that you can use plumber’s putty or clear silicone. Buy the silicone. It’s a cleaner look. Plus you get to use a caulk gun. You’re welcome.

6.  Some instructions….ok the ones that come in the package. Will try to fool the amateur by telling you to put the drain  back together first. Don’t listen!! This is definitely the instruction that is supposed to make you break down and call a plumber. Hold strong! Work back to front….get the faucet and water lines done first. The drain is last to go back together! Trust me on this.

7. When you dismantle your drain? At first, you’ll believe you’re getting a whiff of satisfaction for getting this far in your journey.
Shortly after,if you haven’t turned your head in time? You will experience a smell that can only be described as the strongest, sharpest, most disgusting cheese ever put on earth. One that does not come by this smell naturally, but because it was first dumped into a swamp, swirled around a bit, and then baked on a humid beach. It was then dumped into a raunchy trash dumpster containing moldy restaurant food for a few days. Before someone decided to dump it down your drain. Yes, on this, the day you decided to remove your old ugly drain and faucet? You will increase your choices in what is considered proper vocabulary.

8. The videos indicated that replacing a faucet would take about an hour. If you’re a first-timer? Give yourself the afternoon. Don’t expect to get anything else done. You will be afraid to try anything new for a while. Breathe and allow your negative feelings to develop, and maybe someday? These thoughts will go away long enough that you may consider doing this again.

9.  You may have bumps and bruises when done. You may also have sore muscles in areas you didn’t know you had muscles. Or could even have pain. Because, see #4. But you will heal.

10.  You will finally understand why plumbers charge so much. And you won’t care if his pants fall down anymore. Ok, you will. But you’ll overlook it as something that must happen when someone is crazy enough to do a crappy job like plumbing, and no longer care about wardrobe malfunctions. You may now be more empathetic. Ok. I went too far with that one, didn’t I?

11. Would I do this again? Well? Let’s just say I’ve come to appreciate the idea of sinks that have no cabinets.

12.  When you’re finally done? Four (or more)  hours of life that you will never get back? You’ll be pleased with yourself and just have to take an after pic.

Here’s mine:


Here’s some videos if you choose to be bold:

Lowes video

Home Depot video