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I now live in a home that took a year to rehab. Just the inside, that is. This year I’m working on the outside. I lived here years ago, moved, had tenants, was left a mess, started a one-year rehab. That’s the short story 🙂

The slightly longer story is that this room required lots of scrubbing, 4 coats of paint, refinished floors, doors, and re-caulking of windows. I made the curtains out of a nice linen material, and yes, the paintings on the wall are ones I did.






This is where I spend most days. Behind my chair are 2 file cabinets…one has actual files, the other has my filed-away already-made pillow covers. Good use, no?

On top of the cabinets, I added some white bookshelves. There can never be enough books, and I really like when they’re added to a room…makes it more cozy somehow. One side of shelves has my most used sewing supplies in bins (thread, buttons, trims, etc). In-between this area is a nice little niche that serves as a comfy window seat. And of course, it has a ton of pillows on it.  Now, the before pic of this same area:



Dark, dingy, dirty……markers & stickers all over the walls. Air mattress left behind. Overall? Not very inviting.



This is a sample of how all the doors in the house looked. The panels were kicked out, the strike plates were missing chunks of plaster….yes, all doors throughout the house were replaced.







Above, you can see the other side of the room. It includes a closet where my fabric stash is kept…..yes, wall-to-wall shelving is included inside the closet. Couldn’t take a pic though since it was so difficult to get the right angle inside a closet, lol.  In the corner entertainment area, I have my choice of a stereo or tv for background noise. I also have a box of larger finished pillows 🙂

This was the before shot of that same area:







 Closer look at the window seat