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contemporary cottage diy blog
Marie K Godwin:  I was taught to sew by my mother when I was about 6 years old. I learned to cook so I could eat. And I’ve learned to diy my home to save money.  I am also an artist. I believe in organic foods and grow them. And because of the garden, I’ve become a foodie. I plan to share some great recipes soon 🙂
Rat (short for Rugrat) is the timekeeper of the biz. He lets me know when it’s time to eat, time to stop working, and when the mail or deliveries get here. Hobbies include chasing squirrels, begging for treats, going for walks, and napping. He also guards the homefront against cats.
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Easy freeze-able egg rolls

I started making all different kinds of egg rolls before I had ever tasted a*real* one. I saw a package of egg roll wrappers in the store and decided to give them a try. My original recipes were crafted from leftovers. I’d save rice, veggies, beans, anything….

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rethinking a floor plan

Another reason is that I felt scrunched in my couch area, while the tv had center stage and plenty of room. It also competed a bit with the fireplace. And everything in the room felt like a tornado had whizzed through my space and glued everything to the walls.

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It all started with some fabric and a few hangers

the whole thing collapsed. At first I thought it was because I overloaded the closet with heavy fabric.
After clearing it out I found that the wire shelf/hanging thing wasn’t attached to any of the wall studs. All of the screws were connected to the drywall with plastic anchors. And the screws were only about one inch long.

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