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Do you work hard, diy hard, and just plain have a real life and limited time in the kitchen? Me too! And that’s why you’ll love this make ahead recipe. Unless you hate egg rolls…..but who hates egg rolls?

I started making all different kinds of egg rolls before I had ever tasted a*real* one. I saw a package of egg roll wrappers in the store and decided to give them a try.  My original recipes were crafted from leftovers. I’d save rice, veggies, beans, anything…..from the week, and then wrap them up as egg rolls. Now, I’m more intentional about making them, which is reflected in the recipe below.

But if you don’t have cabbage? Rice works (I like brown basmati). Just about any combo of veggies works: greens, beans, corn, etc). I do like to include sweet peppers (yellow, red, or orange) and carrots every time I make them. They add a critical flavor that I do enjoy. But? If you don’t like them? Don’t use them. This recipe is extremely flexible.

These egg rolls also freeze well. To reheat, put them in an oven on an ungreased baking pan at 350*. Bake for 20-30 minutes. No need to defrost first. Just bake until heated through and a bit crispy.

Egg Rolls:

Makes about 40 wraps
If you want to only use one package of wraps, use 1/2 head of cabbage, and 1/2 of the other veggies. Use remainder of cabbage in another recipe.


1 head of cabbage, cut into small, thin pieces.
1 cup grated carrots (about 2 large carrots)
3 cups of mixed veggies (I used a bag of organic mixed veggies that includes red peppers, greens, and green beans. Earthbound Farms Asian Blend)
2 packages Nasoya egg roll wraps (or your own fav)
2-3 Tbsp olive oil
Up to 2 cups water

Put oil into a large pan. Add all of the veggies and about 1 cup of the water. If your pan is not large enough, do this as two or more separate batches of cooking.  Cover the pan and steam until the veggies are softened. You want them tender but not mushy. Add the rest of the water if you need to.


Once your veggies are all cooked, transfer them to a large bowl and let them cool for about10 minutes. There will be water at the bottom of your bowl, drain if you wish (I never do, I just use a slotted spoon for filling the wraps).  I’m still adjusting to my teeny kitchen, so while this mixture cools, I usually clean my mess.


Now you’re ready to wrap!

The egg roll wrap packaging has pretty good directions….but if you destroyed that, here’s mine.

Put a wrapper onto a plate. Add some of your veggie mixture. Not a ton, about 3-4 tablespoons…enough so that you can actually wrap it once….but not so little that you have a tiny cigar.

Pull up the bottom corner to cover the veggies. Take the side corners and pull them over the first fold. Now roll it up. Use a bit of water on your fingers to *glue* the last fold-over.  Put aside and roll up a few more. Meanwhile, heat about and inch of oil in a large frying pan. You can deep fry these. I prefer a shallow frying.


When your oil is heated, place a few egg rolls into it. PS: you don’t want the oil to be screeching hot and smoking. It will splatter when you put the rolls into it. Just hot 🙂


After a few minutes, flip them over to brown the other side. Now this can be the tricky part. If you flip them too soon, they stick to the pan and rip. If you wait too long,or your oil is too hot, they burn.


The other thing to watch? Is how brown you cook them. Notice in the pic above^^^^^ . If you’re eating these on the same day, brown them to the point of the darkest one in this pic. If you’re going to freeze and reheat? Lightly brown (like the one upper left above the darker one) and take them out of the oil to cool. They will brown more when you put them into the oven to reheat.

Keep going until you have them all completed.


Serving Ideas:

I usually eat these as the main event. But you can choose to serve with a side of rice or noodles.

Dipping Sauce:

I make a mix of a few teaspoons of honey, with about a tablespoon of brown mustard, and a few drops of soy sauce. The quantity depends on how many people are eating, but I use separate dipping bowls for each person. You can choose to thin the sauce with water. Mix well & enjoy!

Freezing Rec’s :

I put as many in a freezer container as I would need for one meal, one person. If you package as family sized, wax paper squares between each roll makes them easier to separate.