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Welcome to my DIY Life!

fireplace-shotHi! I’m Marie, and yes, I’m a passionate diy-er.

I do a lot of different things. I am not a master plumber, electrician, chef, or designer, etc. And, yes?  I have also heard the saying “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

I have a preference for a multi-dimensional life. And so I choose to learn things…lotsa things. Most books I own, and blogs I bookmark, involve diy.

I have learned how to organize, create recipes, fix some things in my house, build stuff, design web sites, edit using photoshop, photography, working with acrylics, sewing, etc., etc., etc. But we’re not doing a resume here.

I also live on the side of cheap, by necessity and want. I like the feeling of accomplishment when I can fix something simple. I also like that I can save several hundred dollars by not hiring someone for simple stuff.

Now? If I needed a furnace installed, or my house re-wired? I believe I would hire someone. But to install a faucet? Nah. I’ll do it myself, thanks. I don’t have to be a master plumber to fix a faucet. And neither do you.

Over the past year, I have found myself struggling though. I had to get a job, as most of us do. Prior to this need in my life, I had been self-employed. Therefore, my time was (mostly) mine.

Now? There are times I feel I can’t breathe or get enough sleep. I work so many hours some weeks that I run out of clothes before I find the energy to do laundry. I have a work-at-home job, but with half hour breaks, how do you even think about cooking? And it may seem great that you can roll out of bed and not have to worry about wardrobe to get paid. But honestly? It sucks to not always have time to shower before a 12 hour shift. Because the night before didn’t offer up enough sleep while you were trying to defrag from a day that was long and stressful.

There isn’t enough caffeine in  the world to overcome the tired that comes with doing what you hate. The constant pep talks you give yourself to do it just one more day, one more week, one more month, one more year. Mind you? I am seriously grateful to have a job. I like getting my bills paid. Ok, not always on time, but paid. And I like that I have accomplished more in my job than I thought I could do.

But? I can’t picture myself doing this until I retire. And I know I can do better. I know that I should.

So how to carve out time to diy, paint canvas, cook from scratch, clean my house, decorate rooms, and still have down-time. To…you know? Maybe do nothing once in a while? And earn enough to do all that?

I don’t have an answer to these questions. I am the type of over-thinking planning type that has thought myself into a corner of…I don’t know. So I haven’t.

I have been cooking too many frozen meals. Rooms in my house aren’t painted. I took down cabinet doors in my kitchen to paint them. Months ago. And they remain unfinished. And I seriously want to get back to self-employment. I miss the creative parts of my life. I miss painting (yeah, I am an artist), and I miss having enough time for friends and family.

I have learned what most people know. A job might pay your bills, keep you floating, and feed you. But trading hours for pay doesn’t always offer the life you want or need.

So? Without knowing where this blog is going? I plan to seek the life I want. I have stated to a few friends that I want this to happen in a year. Truth is? I don’t know how long it will take. I just know I’m going to get there.

My usual thought process is there has to be a step one, two, three in this quest…any quest. That you get one thing done at a time. Focus, finish, then move forward. But life doesn’t offer clear steps. Everything overlaps. So? I have no starting point…the thing that was holding me back. So? Here it is. My about page…and so I have started….this randomness that is mine right now.

2/19/2018….for any who want to time this thing?