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Welcome to my DIY Life!

fireplace-shotHi! I’m Marie, and yes, I’m a passionate diy-er.

An artist by trade, I believe in finding creative solutions to daily problems. I also love living in a comfortable and beautiful home. This blog is about the journey I chose to take to have those things. And I do try to do things inexpensively.

Some of the things I love to do include creating recipes, working with fabric, gardening year-round,  designing and decorating, and small construction and home improvement projects.

Some of these projects are successful, some not so much. You’ll hear about both.

There was a time that I would mostly watch other people do things. And I was afraid of power tools. I think the fear was actually a lack of confidence. Fear that I’d mess something up, or that the finished project would never look like the vision I had.

Now? I’m usually willing to try. And I even own tools that plug into outlets. And with every project completed, I feel a bit more empowered.

So, why blog about it?

Through the years, I’ve moved a lot. Mostly, I was in rentals where I couldn’t paint walls or make any major (or minor) changes. But I was able to make the apartment or house a home. I often would take second hand furniture and recover it. And I long ago learned the power of painting almost anything to give it a refresh.

I recently moved from a house that was a complete renovation. It took about a year to renovate before I moved into it, and another year to make it a home. I lived there for 3 years and learned tons, but by the end of 2015, I decided to downsize to a condo.

During the projects from my last home, I posted photos on facebook. Several people messaged me or commented that they loved what I did, never would have thought of it, and wanted to know how I did it, or could I do it for them?

My daughter let me know that not everyone views things in a visual way (while I was letting her know that I didn’t get what the fuss was about?). And she also let me see that not everyone can put things together. Or at least, they may not be able to see the entire picture. Or they know what they want, but not how to get there.

Considering this information, plus the fact that I just moved into a blank canvas condo, I decided to blog about making this space my home.

And this home will be different.

How? I can honestly say this is the first place I’ve lived and not had to think about doing things based on resale value. A side note to this would be that I used to be areal estate appraiser….and I can’t help it. But I have no plans to move from here. So it’s the first place I can do stuff that’s for me. Nothing really outrageous (maybe), but with my own sensibilities.

You’ll probably see more gardening posts spring through summer; and you’ll see more indoor projects fall and winter.

This is my first summer with a container garden. I decided it would be a completely experimental year. I’m also going to experiment with an indoor food garden this winter.

The decor and other diy projects will be a room-by-room thing. I also hope to give you an inside view of what it’s like to choose appropriate tools for a project; and how to actually plan a project.

I hope you follow through my journey. I also hope you get inspired, and maybe a bit empowered yourself.