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When I do a winter garden, I generally do it from seed. This year, there was so much going on in my world (house updates, making pillows,  & such), that I didn’t get a chance to seed my greenhouse before September. So I seriously gave up on the thought of having a winter garden this year.

But a strange thing actually happened at the end of my planting-growing season. We had a few weeks here that were pretty cool, temp-wise, and my plants that didn’t do too well during the summer heat began to fill out and produce. I was able to do a lot of cuttings from my chard this year – and by the way, if you never tried chard, do it! It’s the best in flavor. I use it the same as I would spinach, which did not grow for me this year.

I had given up on production once it got colder. We had several frosts, and even snow already. So I ignored what was left in my garden. But after the melt, I saw that I had several resilient plants still in the garden. There’s red lettuce, chard, kale, red and green mustard, and collards. I figured if they lived through the snow and came back, they would be perfect for my empty greenhouse, and there’s at least a shot they will live through the winter. It’s been three days since I transplanted, and so far they haven’t died on me. So I have the hope that they won’t give up on me now either.