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contemporary cottage welcome to my DIY life!

Easy freeze-able egg rolls

I started making all different kinds of egg rolls before I had ever tasted a*real* one. I saw a package of egg roll wrappers in the store and decided to give them a try. My original recipes were crafted from leftovers. I’d save rice, veggies, beans, anything….

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how to choose a paint color

I’ve also heard designers suggest that you start with an inspiration piece. I like this idea better since I start with the major elements I want to include in the room. Your inspiration could be a painting, photo, scarf, tablecloth, or piece of furniture.

Go to your home improvement store and pick up a bunch of color chips. They’re free,

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A new wall for ideas!

  I have ideas. Lots of them. But, they’re scattered through notebooks, sketch pads, my computer, and post-it notes. Acknowledging that I’m a visual person, I decided to make an idea wall for my sewing studio. I had no idea how I was going to do this.... read more

whoohoo! I’m legal!!

I’ve been using the name Contemporary Cottage for about a year…..and it finally occurred to me that I never registered it as a biz name…oops! Mind you, I’ve been collecting sales taxes…legally…under my main biz name ( read more

A garden that didn’t give up

  When I do a winter garden, I generally do it from seed. This year, there was so much going on in my world (house updates, making pillows,  & such), that I didn’t get a chance to seed my greenhouse before September. So I seriously gave up on the... read more

rehab of the *sweatshop*

  I now live in a home that took a year to rehab. Just the inside, that is. This year I’m working on the outside. I lived here years ago, moved, had tenants, was left a mess, started a one-year rehab. That’s the short story 🙂 The slightly longer story... read more